Our Mission:

connecting,  motivating, & Empowering

the witness of faith communities and individuals throughout Oklahoma on issues of Faith, Care, and Social Justice!


Who we are:

Founded in 1972, the Oklahoma Conference of Churches has a long history of ministry to the people of Oklahoma. Organizing disaster response solutions, cooperating with government agencies to educate people on specific needs, and hosting events designed to inform and promote understanding and unity, the Oklahoma Conference of Churches touches the lives of people from all socio-economic ranks. Comprised of Christian denominations, Interfaith houses of worship, and community organizations, OCC connects the voices and efforts of many groups for meaningful results. Our commitment to Oklahoma has been supported for 40+ years by generous donations from individuals, churches, civic and cultural organizations, and private foundation grants. 


Our 2018 Highlights thus far:

  • addressed the House Chaplain Program at the State Capitol with Rep. Strohm (which led to the continuation of the program being reformatted);

  • led the Jumah prayer at the State Capitol

  • hosted an “Evening of Listening” on County Jail Reform

  • participated in the nation-wide “Blessed Ramadan” sign campaign;

  • participated in the clergy prayer service at the State Capitol during the teacher walk-out;

  • participated in the Ralph Ellison Foundation panel focusing on the “Me Too” movement and civil rights;

  • hosted one of three Interfaith panels entitled “Faith Perspectives on Jerusalem” which includes Christian, Muslim, and Jewish perspectives.

  • held our first forum “An Introduction on White Privilege” for our new area of focus: Race & Anti-Discrimination

  • trained 55 new Local Spiritual Care Responders and 11 new Team Leaders; and 

  • helped more than 120 families during the Spring 2018 Wildfires



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OCC engages faith communities both ecumenically and as interfaith partners throughout  Oklahoma. OCC sponsors and conducts worship services, conferences, and projects aimed at greater Christian unity, Interfaith understanding and cooperation among faith communities in Oklahoma. This includes cooperative efforts from community organizations such as the YWCA, the American Red Cross, and the United Way of Central Oklahoma.



Each individual is created in God's image and has the right to food, clothing, and shelter. It is the role of the church to assist in meeting the needs of the vulnerable and marginalized of society. Through its Social Justice Ministry, and focus on seven different areas, OCC keeps each of its member congregations informed of issues affecting the church and members of their communities, and encourages advocacy efforts throughout its network. Through the enlistment of many voices, we can accomplish more fully initiatives that sympathetic individuals simply cannot do alone. 



As a national benchmark program in disaster spiritual care, the Oklahoma Conference of Churches continues to respond to disasters across the state. Our disaster spiritual care program, launched in response to the Central Oklahoma 2013 tornadoes, has now expanded state-wide to a team of more than 160 trained and credentialed disaster spiritual care providers, representing 32 denominations  and interfaith partners, plus several non-denominational churches. 

Good education and good intentions without action is a noble way to waste a life!
— Rex Friend/Board Member/Immigration Law Attorney
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Get Involved!

There are numerous ways to get involved at OCC including serving on a committee, volunteering at an event, or even helping with fundraisers! Please stay connected with us as we do this important work in the state of Oklahoma!