NONDOC Article: "Reverend: Commutation allows a chance for redemption"

By Rev. Shannon Fleck


We believe that restorative justice is a far more faithful reflection of God’s will than punishment alone. We believe that accountability, restitution, compensation and public safety are outcomes that better serve the individual as well as communities. Often, addiction or mental health issues are the root cause of legal troubles. Further, prison makes bad situations worse and does not contribute to the restoration of the individual. It is imperative to provide treatment options for mental health and substance abuse rather than locking up people for low-level offenses. Oklahoma communities rejected this tough-on-crime approach by passing SQ 780 in 2016 and other smart sentencing reforms approved by legislators in 2018.

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Year-End Goal of Raising $10,000

In 2018, the Oklahoma Conference of Churches connected and empowered more than 17 Christian denominations and 10 interfaith and community partners with no and low cost programming. This empowered them to live out their faith by caring for their neighbors and advocating for social justice. 

All of this groundbreaking success is due to donors such as yourself. Without your support, we could not meet our mission and purpose: connecting, motivating, and empowering. 

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  • $5,000 makes OCC a meaningful financial partner at ecumenical events  

  • $10,000 empowers OCC to create new programs and ministries that will deepen our impact

As 2018 comes to a close, we have a year-end goal of raising $10,000 before December 31st. Your help meeting this goal will assure 2019 is another year of life-changing impact for OCC. To do so, click here to donate!

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Rev. Shannon Fleck
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